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Visit the City of Dreams, Frankfurt with Air France Reservations

Frankfurt is Germany's fifth-largest city with a population of about 730,000 and serves as the administrative and cultural center of the Frankfurt Rhine-Main metropolitan region. The city holds an important place in European economic life as the location of the European Central Bank’s headquarters. The city combines old and new in its neighborhoods, which include historic districts like the Altstadt, or Old Town, blending into modern business zones lined with towering skyscrapers. Book now tickets to the city with Air France Reservations.
Have a look at the amazing sites the city has for you.

The Frankfurter Romer 

The place is the name of Frankfurt’s city hall, and the beautiful building in which it is housed has been inspiring awe throughout the city since its construction 600 years ago, in 1405. The Römer’s most famous façade is on its eastern side facing the Old St. Nicholas Church across a large pedestrian square in the city’s Altstadt, or Old Town. The grandeur of the structure comes from the fact that it was the property of a wealthy merchant family before becoming an administrative municipal building. The inside still fulfills this function, so unfortunately, the Römer’s beautiful interiors are not on display as a museum. Still, there won’t be a single traveler to the city that misses out this iconic piece of Frankfurt history.

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The Goethe House

The Goethe House honors the life and times of famous German writer Johann Wolfgang Goethe. The home in Frankfurt was Goethe’s birthplace and childhood residence, where he lived out his early years along with his sister Cornelia. The four floors of this beautiful historic house are restored to look as they did in Goethe’s time, and each of the rooms is decorated in a uniform style to represent the fashion of the day. Many original artifacts are still located here, and portraits give visitors a sense of what Goethe’s family looked like. The history of Goethe’s Frankfurt years can be explored in an exhibit on the third floor. Book for Air France Flights to the city now.

Main Tower

While walking tours take guests around the city of Frankfurt at the street level, few sites offer a better birds-eye view of the metropolis than the Main Tower, a 56-story skyscraper in the Innerstadt district. The Main Tower is an architectural wonder, its rounded tower covered entirely in glass panes, which give the building a welcoming, open feel. The building is functional and houses a number of businesses and offices, but tourists come for the stunning vistas found at the open-air observation deck above the top floor. As a guest, one can also enjoy the high-end restaurant located near the top of the tower or the extensive art collection lining the structure’s interiors.


Amidst the concrete, skyscrapers, and historical city buildings of Frankfurt sits a hidden tropical oasis, the Palmengarten, or Palm Garden. This botanical garden is a labyrinth of paths and green spaces that introduce patrons to a host of colorful, eye-catching plant ecosystems not found in the Frankfurt climate. The gardens include a subtropical palm house, where giant leaves and ferns create an almost jungle-like atmosphere. Other warm-weather highlights include the tropicarium and the cactus and rhododendron gardens, which feature plants from regions nearer the equator. In contrast, the Palm Garden also has a sub-Antarctic house, which displays fauna from much colder regions on the edges of the planet.

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